3 days to Kill by Nathan Shawen

To start I have not been a fan of any of Kevin Costner’s movies he has done this year which is Jack Ryan 2014 version. I went in with a open mind despite the fact that I haven’t liked his movies this year but overall he has done some pretty good movies suck as The Untouchables, Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves and many more. This year Kevin Costner is in 5 movies Jack Ryan, 3 days to kill, Draft Day, Black and White, and McFarland. Anyways basically 3 days to kill was a mess to begin with it. He is like a CIA Agent that was diagnosed with cancer and has to kill people during the movie. The movie is very slow and it is only 153 minutes. It felt like is way the slowest movie I’ve seen in a while. Kevin Costner plays Ethan and he leaves his family for 5 years and shows up one day and wants to be apart of his family’s life and the family at first wants nothing to do with him but later in movie they start to hang out with him more. Personally I thought the movie was extremely boring and a little bit repetitive of Jack Ryan. I would rate 3 days to kill 2.5 stars out of 4.


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