Bad Words review by Nathan Shawen

Bad Word with Jason Bateman going into this movie I went with a open mind. I was just so excited that it finally came to Theatres considering it is an independent film and independent films don’t get put into big Theatres such as AMC often. Yes this movie is about Trilby trying to get into a spelling bee because he found a loophole that says anyone who didn’t pass 8th grade can’t compete even though trilby is in his 40s. Along the way trilby meets up with one of the spelling bee contestants and they become friends. In the end Trilby lost the spelling bee on purpose to let his friend Chaitanya Chopra( Rohan Chand is actor). When I walked out of this movie and during the movie I was dying with laughter because yes it is a wrong movie but it is funny wrong so therefore I give it 3.5 stars.




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