3 days to kill


Kevin Costner could not do a film that is more of a mess honestly. “3 Days to Kill” seemed like a film that looked like “Taken” but a whole different idea. The film I thought was going to be serious or funny given how the trailers were advertised. To be honest though, it is neither serious or funny, it is all a mess. Basically Costner is in the phase where he is doing any film that he gets offered. First of his most other recent film “Jack Ryan” was horrible, and “3 Days to Kill” was also horrible. Do not see many improvements.

“3 Days to Kill” is about an agent and his daughter. The agent is Costner and his daughter is played by Hailee Steinfeld. I have not seen many of her films but thought this one could be entertaining with a father who is all tough and everything. However, focusing more on the film. Costner’s character is a man who is having health problems (not much described what kind) and he is still doing dangerous spy work, where he should really retire. However, with the help of a few other agents, he is given an experimental drug that can hopefully save his life, give him one last assignment, and above all multi-tasking by spending time with his daughter and doing the final assignment.

To be honest, I was feeling like I wanted to sleep during this movie. I generally see many spy movies and have enjoyed them, but lately lots of them are dragging. What is confusing with this movie is what is the main subject? Is it his illness? His assignment? His daughter? There is no chronological order of the film to make it enjoyable it just goes in so many directions where really it turns into a sleeper.

I will admit, I did laugh at a few moments. Basically when his daughter interrupts the main character by calling him during an interrogation scene and such. Those scenes stood out as satirical. However, I did not want to be laughing I wanted to be captivated by some action. There was action moments, but only for like two minutes in most of the instances. The action would happen, then it would just go back to boring, false-advertised spy movie.

This is honestly a disappointment. The legendary Costner, that did the masterpiece film “The Intouchables” took a big drop. He went basically from ruthless but brilliant FBI agent to overrated and protective father character. I guess maybe it is best to wait for this on DVD, but to be honest if you really want to enjoy a Costner film, just watch “The Untouchables.”

Therefore, this movie was not my favorite. I give it credit for trying. However, with doing so many movies, Costner could choose better. “Draft Day” better be good since I am into sports movies.



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