Anchorman 2 R-rated Edition review by Tarek Fayoumi



One edit from one that was not so good the first time is the creation of a film that actually left me laughing so hard the second time. The premise is the same as well as the scenes, however the scenes have so much more quirky dialogue added that was not in the original version of “Anchorman 2.” Many sequels are just the same, and at first I felt with the regular PG-13 edition of “Anchorman 2” was just the same repeat of the first one. Many sequels are always end up being a bust: Many advertisements, many moments in the advertisements that are over-advertised and makes it look funny, then when it is actually in theaters, people realize the film normally sucks. That was how the original version was but with the r-release being rated R it was a whole different experience that was just pure funny.

“Anchorman 2” brings all the crew back together. Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrel), Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd), Brick Tamland (Steve Carell), and Champ Kind (David Koechner). The time period is the 1970’s and those years are behind Burgundy. Him and his gang are ready to take the New York twenty-four hours news channel by storm. There is a lot of competition, however Burgundy must do what he can to try to not to mess up like he has from time to time.

This film was one that I was glad I gave a second chance with. I am a huge fan of movies and shows relating to the news field. “Anchorman 2” in the R-rated edition, makes it feel more like a first viewing if viewers have seen the original PG-13 edition back in December and was not happy with it. Little do viewers know that the best part about this version of it, is there is 763 new jokes and they are all spread out and now any moment you will laugh so hard your lungs will hurt.

An element from the film I only felt a bit not happy with was really to be honest in this edition language was not bad but basically the subjects being talked about were raunchy. So in some cases it felt like it was the PG-13 edition just with gearing on more graphic subjects. I just felt it was trying so hard to try and be family-oriented.

Overall, it is a joy to watch. The characters styles of acting and their humor makes one to be equal as hysterical.


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