Independent Movie Reviews…Non-Educated Delinquents Review by Tarek Fayoumi



Written and directed by Peter Mullan “Non Educated Delinquents” is a film that shows the elements of the causes to make children make harsh decisions. The film details how a boy John McGill (played by Conor McCarron) is just sweet and quiet as a little boy but his behavior changes as the years go by. His life consists of gangs, violence, negative parents, and bullying teachers, and all of this builds up to make sweet McGill turn to wanting to be more like a thug.

 Of course the film is an adaptation of the events that occurred in Mullan’s life. However, Mullan’s life was insane and he was losing it and he even admitted that he was in a gang and really hated his abusive father. The scary thing though is watching this movie, and imagining this director living this lifestyle, it is just extraordinary with how well he sets the film and has the depressing moments fall.

In the Opening, John McGill goes to a private school, where respect is what is accepted. The teachers are abusive, neglectful, and not everyone gets by positively. From this, I guess maybe it is trying to say that hitting students in school causes them to have a more negative attitude than a positive attitude.

There is no parallel order of how the schooling works. It is basically just a harsh school. However, John has got problems with his father. Every time at night, his father taunts at him and his mother to do as they are told and John puts up with it for at least like five or ten years (not specified). All of a sudden, he explodes on his father and starts hitting his head with a frying pan. I got to say I am appalled that the character would have the guts to do that. 

Later, McGill meets some new gang members. He starts drinking, fighting, and making people want to go after him. It all leads to suspense and craziness where even McGill gets kicked out of school, his parents kick him out of his house, and he ties knives to his hands and is ready to take risks into his own hands.

To be honest this movie is one I struggle to watch more than once. I own it but I won it at a raffle at a film festival with two other films. I guess my reward was having the guts to watch more dark films.



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