Neighbors Review by Tarek Fayoumi


Now this is a college party movie that is actually awesome. “Neighbors” is satirical all the way through. The characters are funny, the setup is funny, the situations are funny, and above all, it is a film that will make parents wonder if a fraternity house is actually safe for their children. 

The movie starts out with a married couple Mac and Kelly Radner (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne). They move into a luxurious neighborhood filled mostly wealthy families. They have one kid and they try to blend in with other families as soon as they move in. Rogen obviously still has ways of getting stoned into his films, and he does this in a variety of weird places and can still play the good father.

A few days once they are settled in, they realize they have got some new neighbors as soon as a mover’s truck shows up. After the mover’s truck stops in, a herd of cars filled with college boys fills up around it. Soon to realize that for the Radner family they got a fraternity house living next door.

They two leaders of this fraternity are Teddy Sanders (played by Zac Efron) and Pete (played by Dave Franco). Most of the time we are use to seeing Dave’s brother James be in films with Rogen, but in this one, this one really makes the mark for a comedy by James Franco’s younger brother.

The Radner family tries to be cooperative the fraternity and not to stir up trouble with police authorities. They do everything they can. They party with them, drink with them, and prove they can be trusted.

Neighbors is a hysterical thrill ride and a highly recommend. Four stars.


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