“Frozen Ground” Review By Tarek Fayoumi


When I was streaming for movies on Netflix, I watched the thriller “Frozen Ground.” Given that “Frozen Ground” is based off of actual events, it was definitely a film that is serious, yet radiant.

The plot of the film is about an Alaska State Trooper named Jack Halcombe (Nicholas Cage) who is on the case for a girl named Cindy Paulson (Vanessa Hudgens). Paulson is a witness who was brutally raped and assaulted by the murder Robert Hansen (John Cusack). Halcombe has reason to believe that Hansen is the killer that has abducted young girls, sexually assaulted them, then kills them. Halcombe wants to put Hansen away for life.

The issue for Halcombe is that he does not have enough evidence to receive a search warrant for the premise of Hansen’s home. Due to this, his only help to the case is Paulson, which is a challenge since she is a junkie and is not always trustworthy. With very little evidence and not much time, Hansen is out just killing more girls and burning more evidence which builds a pattern that is a challenge for Halcombe to follow.

I was intrigued to see Cusack play the antagonist in this film, which was a haunting aspect and added a trait that makes viewers hard to believe that he is the killer in this thriller. Also “Frozen Ground” seemed to be as accurate as it could be to the actual events of what happened in real-life. The weapons that were used, the valuables of the missing girls, and the locations of where bodies were found all add up to make a puzzle that viewers will not be able to let go until it is resolved. Another great aspect of the film was the interrogation between Halcombe and Hansen, particularly because Hansen knows he is going to prison and his excuses do not add up to the evidence that Halcombe has proving he killed many girls.

“Frozen Ground” was also great because it builds a relationship between Halcombe and Paulson. In a scene where Paulson is not safe, Halcombe lets her stay in his home. Halcombe’s wife Allie (Radha Mitchell) is in shock that her husband lets her stay in their home. Jack and Allie argue, and Paulson listens to them crying, and it was heart-wrenching to watch. Reasons for this is because the premise is already disturbing, and it is creepy to know that Paulson is the one that is in danger given how she is so innocent and young. 

Overall, “Frozen Ground”is decent. A low-budget murder mystery not intended for Hollywood, but pretty good that is worth a viewing. With the acting, the scenery, and the intense moments, it was done well, just somewhat rushed and a little over violent, but a film to remember. Three stars.



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