“American Sniper” Review by Tarek Fayoumi

american sniper

With tons of Oscar buzz, numerous sold-out screenings, and a big moneymaker at the box office, I saw “American Sniper” in IMAX. I found the movie quite compelling. “American Sniper” is the true story of the Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper). The movie is attention-grabbing, but is quite dramatic.

The film is directed by Clint Eastwood and is nominated for six academy awards. These awards include best picture, best actor, best writing, best editing, best sound mixing, and best sound editing. First, when I experienced “American Sniper in IMAX I was dazzled by the sound effects and the editing, so I think it is worthy of an award on those two technical aspects. Finally, Bradley Cooper knocks his performance out of the ballpark as he plays the brave Chris Kyle. The technical aspects and Cooper’s acting are both mesmerizing.

The plot of the film is Kyle’s life. a man from Texas who thought at first he wanted to become a cowboy, but all of a sudden, he decides he wants to be more involved in his life somehow. This makes him become interested in joining the Navy and becoming a sniper. He goes on numerous tours with the Navy, he gets married and has kids, but his tours are impacting him. Impacting him where he cannot find ways to be a father he can be and also not being able to function in his urban life.

The one thing I liked about this movie was how Cooper played the part. His seriousness, his intelligence, and his ego keeps you guessing and you do not want the movie to end. And I see that to bleed into the audience. It leaves you to ask yourself how much can this guy take? He can take quite a lot, and the intensity does not end.

Overall, this is a good movie, not great, but is definitely worthy of some awards. More on the technical and acting aspects, but definitely not for best picture. I see “Birdman” or “Boyhood” a bit more worthy of the best picture award.

Three stars.


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