“I Origins” Review

i origins karen and ian I_Origins_poster

Though the film stars the big celebrity from “Boardwalk Empire” Michael Pitt, the sci-fi drama “I origins” has a sense of grief and deception. The film begins with Pitt narrating his studies of molecular biology, his family, and the study of a particular eye that changed his world. The film brings us to his journey of a particular eye that starts when he is a PhD student. He is at a Halloween party, goes to the rooftop for fresh air, sees a random girl, and asks her to take a picture of her eyes. That girl propositions him romantically and vanishes. This somewhat strange encounter brings Ian (Pitt) to be on odds with himself and his beliefs on his studies of eyes.

The movie won at Sundance Film Festival in 2014. This makes “I Origins” one of the most creative and anticipated sci-fi movies of 2014. Given its meaning, its message, and its climax, it is a puzzle of created from one dramatic death, it will leave viewers stumbling with questions towards the end of the movie. Yet it did not so great budget wise, but director Mike Cahill is creative, bold, and vast with his focus of this sci-fi movie, as the suspense of “I Origins” takes place.

The movie is about Ian; a molecular biologist that has on obsession with the eye. He meets a girl on a rooftop, takes a picture of her eyes, and then she vanishes. A few years later he runs into her again and they finally meet like civilized people. Her name is Sofi (Astrid Berges-Frisbey). They fall in love and they get married. However, when Ian takes her to his lab to prove an experiment that he believes is appealing, she is not fond of it. The behavior shift leads to disasters; disasters so bad where Sofi dies in an elevator. Ian begins to become depressed; he starts to work less in his lab, does not have an interest for science, then all of a sudden his lab aid Karen (Brit Marling) comforts him. Ian falls in love for a second time with Karen and they get married and have a baby.

As the years go by, Ian gets ready to return to the study of Sofi’s eye. With his intense research with his wife Karen, they realize there is someone in the world that has the same eyes as Sofi. For Ian this means, “The eye can be a window to the soul.” This discovery puts him back in his place and he stops at nothing to solve the mystery of the girl he once loved until her accidental death on their wedding day.

This all happens with massive drama. At first, Ian is against the idea of discovering what Sofi left behind. Karen is for the idea, but Ian wants to focus on loving Karen and not thinking about Sofi. Karen and Ian have their moments of arguing about doing the research, but Karen has hopes that Ian is a genius. This finally leaves Ian to travel and find the girl who might have Sofi’s eyes.

Ultimately, “I origins” is a landscape of science, drama, and love. Viewers may see the film to gear on religion based on the scientific beliefs of Pitt’s character. Either way though, religion is not much of the focus of “I Origins” the focus is the discovery of the eyes of someone that died. The characters are not your average big name Hollywood actors, the film is not a blockbuster, but the script is well written and it’s a heavy, yet captivating concept. This movie is like a psychological movie mixed with science; with scientific results that will shock viewers at the very end.

Three and a half stars!


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