“Room” review


With the Oscars approaching, I watched a movie that was intriguing, intense, and haunting. That movie is “Room.” Directed by Lenny Abrahamson, this film is destined to be a faithful movie for its viewers. It stars Brie Larson (as Ma), Jacob Tremblay (as Jack), Sean Bridgers (as Old Nick), Joan Allen (as Nancy), and William H. Macy (as Robert). “Room” is nominated for best actress, best director, best-adapted screenplay, and best picture. I see “Room” to having a chance of winning for best director and best-adapted screenplay because both of those elements are why the film is enticing.


“Room” is about a Ma and her little boy Jack. For many years they have been confined in a space that is very small shed. That is where Jack has lived his whole life. His mom does everything she can to ensure his safety. However, the hard part for Jack is that he has never seen the real world. Therefore, he wonders everyday what it will be like. However, after an escape, Jack and his Ma are finally out in the real world. The hard thing for Jack is that he has not seen so much, but now he is getting use to the world he has in the many years of his life ahead of him.


Later on in the film, we are introduced to the parents Nancy and Robert. They do their best to try and help out Ma and Jack into feeling safe and from the press. They have quite a hard story and past behind them, which leaves for unsettling news. Also, Ma is not so sure that she is in the right place for her boy either. Jack has rarely socialized, has not received much education, attention, and still is confused of how the world works. He had no idea how many humans there even are on the planet.


“Room” is a movie that I found enthralling by its directing. My other favorite Abrahamson film is “Frank” (2014): a movie with a similar concept but more lighthearted and funny. He completely transitions directing. From a dark comedy (with “Frank”) to a serious movie (“Room”).


I believe “Room” is worthy of many awards. I found myself crying at certain moments of the movie. With honesty, no one can take away the performance that Brie Larson put on. “Room” is a film that is like a journey. A journey that is very unexpected until one reaches the climax.


Four stars.

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