“Broadway Danny Rose” Analysis

In honor of Woody Allen, attending Cannes I decided to do an analysis on “Broadway Danny Rose!”


As I watched the Woody Allen film, Broadway Danny Rose, the scene that really appealed to me was when the main character Danny Rose (played by Woody Allen) discusses his acts with Phil Chomsky (played by David I. Kissel). In this scene, Danny uses frequent arm motions as he is describing to Phil why some of his choices of actors are good or bad. In the beginning of the conversation Phil mentions the idea of his blind xylophone player, his one-legged tap-dancer, his one armed juggler, and an Italian singer. Phil rejects all of Danny’s ideas, but this just makes Danny become more enthusiastic about who would be a perfect performer. I believe the objective of the scene was for Danny to get what he wants. Allen achieves this by having his own character doing most of the talking and not letting Phil have a word in what he is saying. The scene is setup where Phil is sitting at his desk and Danny is standing in front of him being the smart mouth. Phil tries to give facial expressions to Danny to show that he is annoyed with his ideas, but even that does not work, because Danny still continues to talk. Allen’s use of making his own character opinionated, annoying, and critical accomplishes to show that Danny Rose is not a person’s easiest man to work with.broadway danny rose.jpg

I believe that the meaning of Broadway Danny Rose is that everyone has a talent and people should appreciate everyone has different personality traits. Danny is trying to captivate Phil by talking about his talented actors that have disabilities. It is not about favoritism, but is about putting on a whole new show that is different. Allen tries to make Phil understand that audience would enjoy a new idea on stage. Danny may also be selfish but his ideas of who can put on a show are good ones. Broadway Danny Rose is funny in the sense that we even realize today, the acting industry has changed so much as opposed to how it was years ago. People are searching for shows that are more original than they did back in the day where shows were limited.


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