Replicas Review

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Keanu Reeves performs his roles very well, but his choice in movies that can be slightly better. “Replicas” is not a garbage movie, but it is just very cheesy. I felt like I was watching “Ex Machina” (2014) meets “Premonition” (2007). There is a tragic incident, and tons of experiments to bring people back to life after death is what the main character sees the resolution to be. Yes, it had my attention, but a majority of the time, I was just thinking to myself that a majority of the film is typical science crap including robots, chemicals, and all other kinds of fancy technology that does not really add up that well. For Reeves, this type of movie just makes me more excited for his next “John Wick” installment.

Ok, so I will give a brief description of the plot (even though I really was not fond of this movie). Reeves is Will Foster (a scientist) and him and his family is abound for a vacation by driving. All of a sudden, there is a car accident and he survives, but the rest of his family does not (his wife and two kids). Now he should call an ambulance and such, but he does not. Instead he has his colleague Ed (Thomas Middleditch) help him out with using his scientific crafts, technology, and knowledge to try and bring his family back to life. However, with doing this type of experiment, both Will and Ed can get themselves with the law in terms of government-controlled technology.

As the film progresses on with the experiments for Will to bring his family back to life there are realizations that do not make sense. I will not explain what they are, because I believe people should watch “Replicas” to see what I mean by that. Just the science behind Will’s theories of how certain elements are the answers to getting his family back seem to not be explained or shown properly. That is why, when I was watching “Replicas” I would ask myself, “What just happened again?” It is a film with many unanswered questions.

I feel though, for Reeves, that “John Wick” is basically his successful series that fans are going to remember him for the most after “The Matrix” films. That is because I find most of his previous films (including “Replicas”) to be quite forgettable. They are that way because most of his films recently have just been poor ridiculous. I am only going to give “Replicas” one half star.


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