Godzilla Vs. Kong Review

The title of Godzilla vs. Kong has meaning, but the hype that fans anticipate lacks in some areas. The film takes its time to get to the point of the battle sequence and has many unstructured moments. It seems to focus on almost the opposite of what many would anticipate in a Godzilla film. Yes, Godzilla films usually do not have much of a plot, but instead feature scary moments with roars and action between Godzilla and his enemies.  Given the title of Godzilla vs. Kong, I found myself enjoying the action scenes.  However, when it resorted to various unexplained scenarios of the film, I was lost trying to put together which monster stood to have more importance. I will not give away details regarding which monster gets the most attention in the beginning of the film, but I will say that much of the background leading up to the battles is not established well. The film resorts too much to CGI, crazy sound effects, and frequent explosions to get fans in the mood.

The film is the next chapter in the Monsterverse series of two icons, Godzilla and Kong, who had their separate films. Godzilla had the remake of Godzilla in 2014, and then Godzilla: King of the Monsters in 2019. Kong had Kong: Skull Island in 2017. Godzilla is the most established monster and the two now come together as enemies set for an epic battle. The characters Nathan Lind (played by Alexander Skarsgard), Ilene Andrews (played by Rebecca Hall), Bernies Hayes (played by Brian Tyree Henry), and Mark Russell (played Kyle Chandler) are all part of the conflicts involved in controlling the crazy outbreaks of danger given what Godzilla and Kong can do to demolish what is around them. However, these characters lack in substance because the film is solely geared on the aspects leading towards the battle, instead of giving the characters meaningful roles. 

I had fun with the cinematic aspects, but they were not as amazing as I expected although still visually stunning in small fragments.  The film is mediocre in that it did not deliver the action the way I anticipated. This may be related to the fact that Hollywood and the studios are trying to get back in business after the pandemic put a halt on the production of many projects and some are now being rushed for release. It sure seems like Godzilla vs. Kong was rushed in moments. The sound effects and the action are still awesome, it is just that the lead up to them is boring.

For these reasons, I am going to give this film two stars. My expectations were high, and the experience was not as visually intriguing as anticipated. For a Godzilla fan like me, I expected it to be spectacular especially when many Godzilla films have been successful using a similar approach. This one includes some fun visual action scenes, but just feels very rushed.


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