Mortal Kombat Review

From a video game spanning over two decades, there is now a film that is a decent introduction to a universe of potential other films. Mortal Kombat has the elements that fans will expect including the crazy comic violence, the beloved characters from the games, the signature fighting moves, and a film that involves non-stop combat. Mortal Kombat is a film in which the violence comes with consequences.  However, the over-done violence is an excellent representation of the evolution of the Mortal Kombat gaming. The movie is directed by newcomer Simon McQuoid who has taken the perfect steps to evolve the story and set it up to continue.

The video game we love starts with the story of an MMA fighter who fights for a living. His name is Cole Young (played by Lewis Tan). He also has a marking on him that he assumes is a dragon birthmark.  Suddenly, he starts to get hunted down by other warriors who have this same symbol because those who have it have been chosen to fight in the underworld known as Mortal Kombat. Cole finds himself training with other warriors who have been in his position before in a realm that seems far removed from this world. However, Cole must adapt to the forces he is given in order to stop what evil enemies may come his way. The enemies are Sub-Zero (played by Joe Taslim, a name that is always popular in the video games) and other chosen ones who have taken an evil side. The film becomes a suspenseful bloodbath just like a comic book.

Mortal Kombat had me hooked. The choreography is brilliant and the action is non-stop. This movie is a true adaptation from the video game and it is done right. Throughout the film, the action grows as the danger becomes more serious. On top of that, the movie offers insight into why the main character is being chosen for the competition which is an important aspect of the series. There were moments where I felt a little lost, since some of the suspense was done differently than I expected. In retrospect, I believe that is because this Mortal Kombat film lays  the foundation for what is to be continued.

Overall, Mortal Kombat is a thrill ride of action, blood, and guts, but delivered in the video game comic book way. Seeing this in IMAX added to that experience. I felt during all the suspenseful scenes I could feel the sound. It was a cinematic experience I have been eager for after many months of wondering when big titles would be shown on the big screen again. The movie is also on HBO MAX, but for Mortal Kombat fans, I highly recommend the big screen experience. Three stars.


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