Wrath of Man Review

Wrath of Man starts with the approach like it is going to be a bank robbing thriller. The main character goes through training to work in a cash truck company of Los Angeles. He falls into some shady situations and handles them (those moments are predictable especially with Jason Statham). He is the character that many do not know what he is truly capable of. For Guy Ritchie, Wrath of Man has the premise like an Oliver stone or Michael Mann thriller, but the approach for the directing is out of focus a generous number of times. Some may expect humor with the action like his recent film The Gentlemen (2020). Do not expect much laughing humor from Wrath of Man.

Jason Statham is H. He is the most dangerous man from a group of former soldiers who had a mission that goes awry. H is someone trying to cover his tracks and work a normal job in the cash truck company, but when an unexpected heist gets out of hand, H’s son is killed. This makes H turn to returning to being the big dog of his crime representation and find the man that killed his son. The film starts off like he is just someone who is skilled to work in a cash truck company. However, the film (quickly) transitions to a different storyline midway through the film.

The movie is attention-grabbing with its violent moments, but it is unexplained. Many of the characters introduced in the beginning start to become part of the heists and evil plans that H starts to build for redemption of his son. The problem is Wrath of Man does not give the audience an understanding explanation of how some of the characters are part of the assassination of his son. The film becomes a free for all to add to its moments of trying to be a blockbuster. Sadly, it was not working for me as well I was anticipating. I am trying to remain positive with this review, but it is not coming easy. Not with the amount of redundancy in the film. The film has the same type of heists, same scenarios, and objectives that are repeated many times to heighten its story. I understand that some want to be a memorable thriller, but the redundancy is where what can be amazing becomes boring.

This one I had some fun moments with this Ritchie thriller, but it did not hold up for me as well as I would have liked it to. With that in mind, I am giving Wrath of Man two and a half stars. For those who are a fan of Statham, it may be worth the time. Do not expect a film like The Gentlemen with laughing moments. This is not the Guy Ritchiefilm many expect.

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