F9: the Fast Saga Review

With the Fast franchise, I have enjoyed a variety of them, but up until the death of Paul Walker, the continuation of the series has been hit or miss for me. At this point, it is becoming repetitive. The setup with spy operations, crazy destructions among cars, technology, and people jumping between all the destruction is what to expect each time there is a new Fast film. F9: The Fast Saga, however, finally establishes a separate storyline that has some value. That is because of how the storyline gears on the past of Dominic Toretto (played by Vin Diesel).

In F9: The Fast Saga, Dominic’s brother (who he has been estranged from for years) comes back into Dominic’s life with a vengeance. His brother is Jakob (played by John Cena). Jakob is recruited by the criminal mastermind Cipher (played by Charlize Theron). Jakob seeks revenge towards Dominic for all the years they have been estranged, and Jakob has got many gadgets of destruction that may put Dominic and his team at risk. Dominic has always been the person reminding others in all the other films that family is important. But he did not keep Jakob close, and now Dominic must pay the price.

I enjoyed the storyline between the brothers in F9: The Fast Saga. The collisions and creative evil plans held my attention, but I did not find them that spectacular. I found though this had its moments of developing the inner conflicts between Dominic and Toretto, but still just repeats the technological elements of the suspense. I feel that if F9: The Fast Saga kept up more with plot developments from the past, then it would keep having a purpose for its repetitive car destructions. The film is just like a Michael Bay movie where the explosions is what is the goal of the enjoyment of the film.

Thinking back to the previous films they were more realistic. They were all just racing. It is now racing added with jets, planes, and its starting to become out of focus. Of course, though it is just a strategy to make money. However, F9: The Fast Saga I still found myself to have my moments where I did enjoy its suspense. More for the cinematic pleasure moments and in the IMAX format. Overall, I am going to F9: The Fast Saga two stars. It is average, but its hit or miss. Its main selling element is the stars Diesel and Cena.


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