Pig Review

Most of Nicholas Cage’s movies have been appealing, and some have been bizarre, but whether the movie is good or bad Cage’s performance is always brilliant. Pig is one of the best films he has done in a while. The title of the film has a double meaning. One meaning defines the brilliant, clever, and vindictive personality that Cage performs in this engrossing thriller. Cage is relentless in Pig and his performance adds depth and meaning to the film.

Cage plays Rob, a man who lives alone in the Oregon wilderness. He works as a truffle hunter and lives with just his truffle pig, giving the other meaning for the title. Soon though, Rob’s solitude is violently disrupted as he is robbed and his pig is stolen. Rob loves that pig and he goes on a mission to get it back with his truffle business partner Amir, played by Alex Wolff. Amir ends up driving Rob to places from his past to help him get his pig back, and the film becomes a harrowing journey of discovery towards the many reasons why Rob’s pig was stolen from him.

At times Rob speaks to former colleagues about errors from his past that they have contributed to, and this adds to the puzzle of his missing pig. These scenes had me wondering who is more to blame, and who is more dangerous. As one conversation leads to another the resolution of the pig theft starts to come into focus. This makes Pig an inviting journey with many unexpected answers, and some disturbing discoveries. It is all done in such a quiet, surprising and spectacular way by director Michael Sarnoski in his directing debut.

The forests of Oregon and the incredible scenery make Pig invigorating as well. Rob knows the paths through the forest well, and the scenes where he is traveling through them are vibrant with faded cinematography, which had me feeling an in-depth experience with the outdoors.

I am giving Pig four stars. I loved the structure of this movie and it its unpredictability had me enthralled. Pigmay be one of the best films of 2021.


One thought on “Pig Review”

  1. Cage has only one problem IMO, he doesn’t know how to say NO. Thus he took some really bad roles and acted in generally terrible movies. Thankfully, Pig is not one of them. What’s more, I would not be surprised if he gets nominated for Oscar this year. Thank you for your review!


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