Jungle Cruise Review

I was talking recently about Disney films with another cinema friend of mine. I had just seen Jungle Cruise and I was describing its visual grandeur, brilliant filmmaking and cinematographic environment. The film also has a plot that is inviting, but I said that for this Disney production it is the wonderful 3D effects that really makes the film invigorating.

Jungle Cruise is about travelers who are on a journey to find an ancient tree with healing powers. The guide for the trip is Frank Wolff, played by Dwayne Johnson, who has a mischievous side. The other main characters who take the big risk to join Wolff through uncharted territory are Dr. Lily Houghton, played by Emily Blunt, and her clumsy husband MacGregor, played by Jack Whitehall.

Jungle Cruise is of course based on the Disney theme park riverboat ride of the same name. For families who have taken their kid to Disneyland, the riverboat adventures of Jungle Cruise will create a connection that families will love. And Johnson and Blunt are fabulous in Jungle Cruise.

I love how Johnson plays his role. He doesn’t take situations seriously, and this causes some catastrophes, but his previous experiences help him to ultimately be successful. I also love how Blunt questions Johnson’s judgment, which is a recipe for a disaster in the beginning. But as the journey progresses there is less questioning of one another and many heartfelt moments follow. Johnson and Blunt just have wonderful chemistry that makes for a wild ride with many surprises.

Jungle Cruise was pure joy from start to finish. It was funny and the nature settings done in full and wondrous 3D is truly Disney at its best, providing many connecting moments for families and fans. Three and a half stars for Jungle Cruise.


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