Candyman Review

Chicago fans of horror films will be into Candyman because it was filmed in downtown Chicago. They will also be into it if they are up for unexpected gory violence mixed with supernatural elements. Unfortunately, Candyman is also predictable and repetitive, and even somewhat boring at times.

Candyman centers on Anthony McCoy, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Anthony is an artist who moves into a loft apartment and soon meets a man named William Burke, played by Colman Domingo. Burke tells Anthony the story of Candyman, and the horror soon ensues. Anthony’s dark past also comes into play.

Candyman is a sequel from the 1992 Candyman, but it has a spiritual aspect that wasn’t present in the 1992 film. Despite this addition, I didn’t feel anything much different or more harrowing with this new Candyman film. And some of the dialogue in this new film is actually rather funny at times, especially when the phrase “Candyman, Candyman, Candyman” is repeated many times.

Overall, Candyman is just an average horror flick. I felt at times that it was trying to be like the It films, but it isn’t nearly as mortifying as those films. I give Candymana solid 2.5 stars.


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