Cop Shop Review

Director Joe Carnahan’s Cop Shop has some cheesy moments, but those moments only add to the fun. In fact, I thought Cop Shop was as funny as Carnahan’s The A-Team (2010), although the violence and profanity are up several notches in Cop Shop.

Cop Shop is set entirely in a small town Nevada police station. Frank Grillo plays Teddy Murretto, a con artist who gets detained in the station along with hitman Bob Viddick, played by Gerard Butler, and psychopath Anthony Lamb, played by Toby Huss. Alexis Louder plays police officer Valerie Young.

Cop Shop displays Gerald Butler’s witty sense of humor and sarcasm well. As he tangles with Grillo, Huss and Louder it becomes hard to know who the main antagonist is. The pacing of the destruction and disasters, arriving in unexpected moments, makes for unexpected laughs as well. Cop Shop is a rollercoaster ride of a cat and mouse game.

Again, the violence in Cop Shop is extreme at times, but I didn’t find it over the top or too disturbing. Overall, the film has lots of laughs and is a general good time.

I actually had low expectations for Cop Shop, but it was a thrill ride of fun that I ending up loving. The premise and humor are brilliant. The destruction is out of this world. And there was seemingly something new and exciting at every turn. Three and a half stars for Cop Shop.


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