The Beta Test

Some may view The Beta Test as cocky or silly. It may be both those things, but it is also a fun satire and a beyond bizarre thriller that is very intriguing.

Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe are co-directors and the main characters, although Cummings gets the most on-screen attention. His attitude, his ego, and his direction are very enticing.

In the film Cummings plays Jordan, a Hollywood agent. Jordan is a fast talker, and can be quite rude. McCabe is PJ, his colleague and good friend. Jordan has it all—a successful career, wonderful fiancé, and much more. But he has a tendency to go bananas in stressful situations, and he often drags PJ into the mess. And then he accepts an invitation to an anonymous sexual encounter that puts him on a confusing path as he tries to unfold his infidelity and the consequences from it.

The dialogue in The Beta Test is sharp, fast, and gritty, and the plot can be hysterical and occasionally shocking. I found myself laughing at times during the film, often due to Jordan’s meltdowns. Overall, I would call The Beta Test “quirky”, but in the right context. And Cummings and McCabe do a good job as both directors and lead actors in the film. Three stars for The Beta Test.


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