King Richard Review

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King Richard is a film about confidence, respect, integrity, and never giving up. The true story of Venus and Serena Williams comes to life in this triumphant achievement from director Reinaldo Marcus Green. It is one of the best performances of Will Smith’s career. He has the attitude, the aptitude, and is a truly caring father figure in his portrayal of the tennis stars’ father, Richard Williams. And the performances of Saniyya Sidney as Venus and Demi Singleton as Serena are stellar as well.

King Richard takes place in Compton, California, during the younger days of Venus and Serena. Their father is the focus of the film as he trains Venus and Serena day and night and reminds them constantly about what it takes to be strong with their craft. But Richard lacks the money to get his daughters the training they need, so he begs pro coaches to see how talented his daughters are. Richard and his daughters experience both acceptance and rejection, but their father keeps pushing them and the coaches to help his daughters evolve to be the pro athletes he dreams of them to be.

As Richard pushes his daughters with empathy and encouragement he reminds them, and us, that in life giving up is not an option.

I grew up with family members who love tennis and love Venus and Serena, and King Richard made me think a lot about that time of my life. I also love films where there is inspiration for people to follow their dreams, and King Richard may be one of the best films I have seen in that regard. The film will make many fans around the world soar with positivity. Four stars for King Richard.


One thought on “King Richard Review”

  1. 🙂 The movie ended nicely. In spite of Venus losing the match, her fans were waiting to meet her outside and she managed to get a $12 million deal with Reebok.

    In my opinion, “King Richard” is one of the best movies for the year, 2021.


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