Red Rocket Review

I am a fan of bizarre comedies, even if they push the envelope in terms of subjects and boundaries, because that is where the plot can be the funniest. Some may view director Sean Baker’s newest film, Red Rocket, as having a bizarre concept or premise. The film is indeed twisted, but its bizarre premise is the genius of Red Rocket.

In Red Rocket, Simon Rex plays Mikey Saber, a negative person who is a has-been adult film star and a failing actor. Mikey leaves Los Angeles for his small Texas hometown, where he moves in with his estranged wife and mother-in-law. He can’t find work and has a drug problem, but he thinks his life is starting to move forward when he meets a girl named Strawberry, played by Suzanna Son. Mikey is love crazy for Strawberry, but his life goes south as his judgment worsens. Red Rocket is a recipe-for-disaster film where I found myself hoping for more disasters. I haven’t laughed so hard at a film with such a strange plot as this in ages.

The performance by Simon Rex as Mikey is right up his alley, since he was actually an adult film star at one time and he has played unconventional roles in movies and TV. This one, though, is his best unconventional role yet. Rex will have his fans laughing until it hurts with Red Rocket.

Red Rocket is a daring and hysterical comedy, and it will get the NSYNC song, “Bye, Bye, Bye”, stuck in your head because it is played over and over in the film. I promise, though, that the song will only add to the joyous entertainment of Red Rocket. Three and a half stars for the hilarious Red Rocket.


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