The Matrix Resurrections Review

Eighteen years after The Matrix Revolutions (2003) blew us away, fans are brought back to the Matrix saga with The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth installment in the franchise. Director Lana Wachowski still has the visual and audio brilliance in the film’s technical elements. Audiences will feel the sound and the visuals, and they will be in tune with all the action throughout this rollercoaster of a film.

Keanu Reeves is once again Neo, and he is back with a mission and a vengeance. Carrie-Anne Moss is back as Trinity with lots of unanswered questions. The dark enemy, Agent Smith is back, but this time he is played by Jonathan Groff, the detective we know as Holden Ford from Netflix’s Mindhunter. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II plays a classy Morpheus, and Neil Patrick Harris is the two-faced Analyst.

The plot of The Matrix Resurrections focuses in the life and mind of Neo. He believes that the digital dystopian world of the Matrix is behind him. He tries to live a normal life and work a normal job, but with many unanswered questions from his past he must go back to the world he was a part of. With Smith being in the way, and Trinity being in danger, Neo must put together the pieces between past and present to establish the universe around him. The film’s cinematography leads to many fascinating and oblique angles with multiple slow-motion effects to the extreme. The task for Neo may be impossible, but the challenge of it all is where Matrix fans will be wowed.

I have been a fan of The Matrix films since the onset, and The Matrix Resurrections is another crazy ride. Some may feel the film is redundant, but Lana Wachowski’s directing brings us to a whole new level of intriguing visuals and a continued and structured storyline. The film blew my mind in many ways. It is in both theaters and on HBO MAX, but the IMAX experience is definitely the way to go. The world of Neo still lives, and it is not to be missed. Three and a half stars for The Matrix Resurrections.


2 thoughts on “The Matrix Resurrections Review”

  1. Still couldn’t work out why they kept on trying to kill people who could so easily dodge the bullets. Too many characters and a bit off-piste but I didn’t look at my watch once so that was a plus.


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