Raging Fire Review

The late Director Benny Chan left the world a lethal adventure in Raging Fire, a thriller with some kung-fu and gun action thrown in. Raging Fire is like The Raid: Redemption(2011) on acid. Sadly, Benny Chan has passed away, but Raging Fire has a crazy amount of action and violence, and it’s a film that fans of that genre should experience.

Raging Fire takes place in Hong Kong. Donnie Yen plays Cheung Sung-bong, a veteran police officer of the Regional Crime Unit. His protégé is Yau Kong-ngo, played by Nicholas Tse. But Cheung and Yau eventually find themselves to be enemies in the dark criminal underworld of Hong Kong.

The action and violence in Raging Fire are riveting. Around every corner is a wild fight—sometimes group fights, and many times those fights have lots of shootings, too. But the film is not just about fighting and shooting; there is a good dose of Chinese cultural rituals that are also fascinating. And the cultural rituals are intertwined with the criminal behavior.

I’ve always loved movies with a lot of action and, again, Raging Fire definitely has plenty of action. It’s a rollercoaster of craziness and two-faced criminals. The plot was a bit dry at times, but Chan’s choreography and the film’s continuity is where Raging Fire shines. Three and a half stars for Raging Fire.


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