Jackass Forever Review

For a few decades the Jackass franchise has delivered creative yet sometimes highly dangerous stunts. It did so with the TV series that went just a few years, until 2002, but the movies were where the true Jackass experiences grew. The newest and possibly last version, Jackass Forever, had me laughing like crazy. Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Ehren McGhehey, Rob Dyrdek, and Dave England have still got it. Jackass Forever is an experience that will give die-hard fans the time of their lives.

In Jackass Forever, it has been eleven years since the previous Jackass film and the crew decides to return for their final installment in the franchise. Fans may have thought the boys went too far with Jackass 3D (2010), but they take the craziness to new heights in some of the most daring and revolting stunts yet. Some scenes may be hard to bear, but I was dying with laughter. Expect the usual horseplay with dangerous animals, crazy inventions that go overboard with being unsafe, and just be ready to fasten your seat belts for this wild adventure many years in the making.

The film really has an ensemble cast, but if there is a “star”, it would be Johnny Knoxville, who has really hit his stride at 50 years old. I’m actually surprised some of them agreed to do this movie, especially Ehren, since he always gets the worst of the pranks.

Jackass Forever is what I would call a buddy movie. And by that I mean it’s a film best watched with friends who can laugh together, jump out of their seats at the startling moments, and wonder together just how bad things can get—bad in the best sense, of course. I had that experience with Jackass Forever. Everyone asking each other what could possibly happen next and gasping together at the outrageous stunts. It sometimes felt like we were in the crew together with Knoxville and the gang but, thankfully, we were safely in the audience.

Jackass fans simply can’t miss Jackass Forever. It’s the nostalgic final installment of a unique comedy genre. And fans need to see for themselves how out of hand the stunts can truly get. Believe me, it is going to be a wild ride. Three and a half stars for Jackass Forever.

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