Dog Review

Dog is clearly marketed as a date night film. It stars Channing Tatum taking care of a dog, which would fit into the date night film genre, but it seems to straddle the line between being lighthearted and serious. And it does neither very well. It is poorly written, poorly developed, and just really never hits any kind of stride.

In Dog, Tatum is Briggs, a former Army Ranger assigned to take his commander’s dog, Lulu, on a road trip down the Pacific coast to attend the commander’s funeral. Briggs struggles to take care of Lulu, who is trained to be an army dog. The film features Briggs’ and Lulu’s lighthearted adventures and mishaps, and there are occasional minor laughs, but the film is very unstructured, predictable, and more of a drag than compelling.

Again, Tatum’s performance in Dog is apparently intended to be humorous at times and serious at other times. So Dogdoesn’t really have a specific category, which is fine. But throughout its hour and a half running, I kept wondering to myself how I’m supposed to perceive a given scene. Dog simply has a lack of focus.

I will admit that this is a film that I had low expectations for, but I still wanted to give it a shot. The film’s only positive aspect is the man’s best friend aspect, with Lulu and Tatum. But the film is barely mediocre, and it lacks in many respects. Some may enjoy it on a date night, and because it stars Channing Tatum. But I am giving Dog just one half star.

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