Texas Chainsaw Massacre Review

The fun of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre came from the loads of bloody violence and terrifying chase sequences. From Netflix comes a continuation of the fun, but one with a bigger population of victims, and even more terror from the evil Leatherface. The ninth film in the franchise, this Texas Chainsaw Massacre is amped up, gritty, and downright disturbing. But in the end it’s still the same old thing, with a few twists.

The key characters in Texas Chainsaw Massacre are Melody, Lila, Dante, and Leatherface, played by Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Jacob Latimore, and Mark Burnham, respectively. Melody, Lila, and Dante are in a deserted Texas town to start a new business, and they have no idea about the evil violence that terrorized the the town almost five decades ago. Leatherface is back after all that time and the town is once again in grave danger. But it’s now the era of cell phones, which gives the film a bit of an entertaining twist.

Like the previous films in this franchise, Texas Chainsaw Massacre has a wealth of disturbing terror that knows no boundaries. And this one manages to reach new heights of slashing and killing, including slaughters on a bus and in an ambulance. As soon as that we’ll-known noise starts, viewers know someone (or many people) is going down.

Certainly not what I would call an amazing film, but Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be entertaining for those who love that sort of violence. Pretty much the same as the others, though. I give Texas Chainsaw Massacre two and a half stars.


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