The Outfit review

The Outfit is a scintillating cat and mouse game from the brilliant mind of writer, producer, and now director Graham Moore. Moore won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2015 for The Imitation Game. In The Outfit Moore brings us another excellent film that draws his audience into a dangerous and spellbinding situation.

The Outfit takes place inside a tailor shop in Chicago in the 1950s. Mark Rylance plays a world class tailor named Leonard who calls himself a “cutter” and is a man of few words. Leonard has an assistant, Mable, played by Zoey Deutch. Leonard’s shop is where the local gangsters get their suits made and one night two of the mobsters, Richie and Francis, played by Dylan O’Brien and Johnny Flynn, come to Leonard for help identifying a rat in the organization. During a harrowing night in the tailor shop, Leonard and Mable—and possibly Richie and Francis—face grave danger as Leonard tries to figure out how to safeguard them.

The Outfit a mysterious film where no one has all the pieces to the puzzle of who the rat may be, and there are unexpected twists. Mark Rylance’s quiet character is perfectly suited for his role as Leonard, and director Graham Moore really helps his actors play to their strengths.

I loved The Outfit. Despite being filmed entirely inside one location, it is just pure adrenaline. The solitude of Leonard, the crazy mob situation in the tailor shop, and the unexpected disasters all lead to a mesmerizing experience. It is a true classic from the mind of Moore. Four stars for The Outfit.


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