Morbius Review

Jared Leto is often disfigured or killed in his films. In Panic Room (2002), his arm was badly burned, In American Psycho (2000) he was brutally killed with an axe, and in Lord of War (2005) he was shot. With his newest, Morbius, it is the film itself that is disfigured—the storyline, the screenplay, and the continuity are a mess. Despite the Marvel hype, Morbius is a trainwreck.

In Morbius, Leto is Michael Morbius, a biochemist studying blood diseases who himself contracts a deadly blood disease. Morbius develops a cure for his disease that causes him to turn into a vampire. Morbius’s friend Milo, played by Matt Smith, contracts the same blood disease.

The chemistry between Leto and Smith are a highlight of Morbius, but there is not much beyond that. The pacing of the film is off and the storyline is rushed. It has some cool visuals, but they don’t blend with the storyline, and the plot is predictable. It really is just a cheesy thrill ride that relies on visuals for its entertainment. It’s not as bad as the Fantastic Four reboot from 2015, but close.

While watching Morbius I found myself thinking that the filmmakers really needed to look back to previous Marvel films to have an idea of how to build a storyline. There was a definite disconnect to previous amazing Marvel films. I have no doubt that most fans of Marvel and superhero films will still go to see Morbius, and maybe some will love it. But I don’t think so, and I don’t think it does justice to the franchise. In my view, it is disaster after disaster. Having said that, and trying to end on a positive note, I didn’t totally hate the film; I was just very disappointed. Two stars for Morbius.


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