Brian and Charles Review

Creativity is a subject that can spark a confident message and can be elaborated on in many ways. Brian and Charles is all about creativity which Brian demonstrates with his robot, Charles. The film’s cinematography feels real and displays painful emotions. The movie deals with finding ways to overcome boredom and loneliness. Brian uses his ability to invent things to cope with his isolation. Brian and Charles has a retro feel and the robot helps enhance the film with positive humor.

The film is solid in its delivery. The writing for the film was done by David Earl and Chris Hayward. Earl also plays Brian in the film and Hayward plays Charles the robot. The film grasps the narration process through the eyes of Brian as he elaborates in fragments about why his life is how it is and about being an inventor. The film follows a standard format before rolling into the more exciting events once there is a clear understanding of what Brian’s goals are. His ultimate invention is Charles which provides him with a new buddy.

Brian is one of those people who experiences melancholy moments. He lives in his quiet home in the mountains of North Wales and has a fascination for experiments and inventions. Because he lacks a social life, he builds Charles which is a robot made from a box refrigerator and a bunch of wires. The bond between Brian and Charles grows strong. Charles has a Stephen Hawking type of voice, and their communication is joyful,endearing, and entertaining. Charles helps Brian gain confidence in himself and helps Brian deal with his depression. Brian and Charles is a film that shows there are endless possibilities for bright lights in life.

In the eyes of Charles, however, I also felt some grief and pain. Charles expresses an enthusiastic interest to see the real world and other countries. Brian doesn’t feel that can happen, becauseCharles is a robot and his invention. The many frustrations between robot and reality for Charles are heartbreaking. Charles creates a sense of security for Brian and helps him cope with his loneliness. The sad part is that Brian can do more than Charles because he is a human and Charles can only do what Brian thinks is best.

The scenery plays a big role in portraying Charles’ feelings of despair. Set on the empty lands of North Wales, Brian and Charles is a film of parallel feelings between the characters as they figure things out against harsh landscape. As the seasons pass in North Wales, the more Charles wants to see the world. As the old saying goes, “Where there is a will there is a way!”

The creativity in Brian and Charles displays faith and positivity for both characters. The film reminded me of how loneliness can feel, and how the connections in our lives help us not feel so alone. In this heartfelt film, Brian used his skill of inventing to create his friend Charles. Three and a half stars.


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