Marcel the Shell with Shoes On Review

I have always loved animated films, but Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is unique.  The film is blended with an animated figure and real people. Combining the two makes the film one of the best this year with a message to be remembered. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On’s Director Dean Fleischer-Camp gives his audience a movie experience filled with joy, love, and positivity. These are just a few of the many great things to say about Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.

The concept of the film is vibrant and audacious. Fleischer-Camp has a creative mind and his tools and directing skills are exhibited in a puzzle of excitement. While the film is slightly sad at times, it is overall upbeat. I loved Marcel the Shell with Shoes On because of how it relates to social media and the world we live in. I’m so excited for this film to find its audience so the story can be shared.

Jenny Slate plays Marcel who is an animated shell that speaks. The grandmother of Marcel is Connie played by Isabella Rossellini. There is also their pet lint, Alan. They were all part of a community of shells that were adventurous. Sadly, the community has vanished, and Marcel is the sole survivor. Despite the sadness of the backstory, Marcel is approached by a documentary filmmaker. This begins to make Marcel’s life invigorating and exciting. While the concept may seem silly, it comes across as genuine and wonderful. A shell having a fan base is portrayed in a simple believable manner. Authenticity is important for films and makes this one especially brilliant. 

The directing and narrative make the film appear to be in real-time. The audience who watched the film with me in the screening room also felt the realism and positive vibes. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On will make viewers laugh until they cry. It is simply one-of-a-kind.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes on is one that will appeal to people of all ages due to its important message. What spoke to me the most was the virtual concept of the film. Especially after the COVID lockdown and relying on technology to pass the time. The animation in this movie reminded me that there are many amazing virtual elements. I appreciate this film, and I know many others will as well. Three and a half stars.


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