Bodies Bodies Bodies Review

Bodies Bodies Bodies is a film that wants to be the next young adult party film. The film attempts to find comedy in its brutal and grisly violence. I was not laughing—I was appalled.

Let me try to describe the awfulness of this comedy, directed by Halina Reijn. The plot is dry, and the depictions of all the problems encountered by the characters make no sense. It’s clear that the director is using the problems to try to make Bodies Bodies Bodies a killer funny flick, but it’s not that at all. Instead, it’s a killer terrible flick. It would like to be the classic film Risky Business(1983), but it has a generous amount of Project x (2012) thrown in, and it’s wrapped up with a spike of Spring Breakers. The combination of which makes for a very poor movie. That’s how I see Bodies Bodies Bodies.

The film is set in California in a big mansion, with college kids, drugs, and rock and roll. Pete Davidson is David, the host of a party for his friends at his giant mansion near the mountains in California. He invites a ton of friends over, including Sophie, played by Amandla Stenberg, Bee, played by Maria Bakalova, Alice, played by Rachel Sennott, Emma, played by Chase Sui Wonders, Jordan, played by Myha’la Herrold, and Greg, played by Lee Pace. The party involves the usual teen fun—drinking, drugs, talks about sex. But there is more damage than the audience can anticipate. A party game starts to create personality clashes and one of the friends gets injured, which is just the start of the party going awry. When you combine drugs and alcohol and a samurai sword, you have a recipe for disaster. Many damaging and life-threatening problems emerge as the night goes on. Simply put, Bodies Bodies Bodies is a rather unsettling party flick.

As I said initially, the film tries to find its funny moments in the violence of the film, but Bodies Bodies Bodies doesn’t know how to be funny. Davidson is good for a few fragments of humor, but otherwise it just is not funny at all. It tries to create laughs as someone is brutally injured or murdered. I will admit that some people around me were laughing, but I didn’t find anything about this film enjoyable or funny. It is, again, just plain bad.

I’m sure this film will appeal to some movie goers, especially younger people. Mix drugs, danger, and undeveloped minds together, and you’re bound to get some takers. Especially when an actor like Pete Davidson is thrown into the mix. But my experience with Bodies Bodies Bodies was entirely unpleasant. This California party flick is indeed gnarly, but not gnarly in terms of what a surfer would say—I mean that the film is brutally horrific and awful.

I know I have spent much of this review on the negative, and airing my frustrations on this eerie movie experience. I will give one minor ovation, though, to Pete Davidson. Despite this being a very bad movie, his acting, his one liners and humor, was at times somewhat entertaining. Again, the movie sucked, but Davidson’s humor did not always suck. Overall, though, Bodies Bodies Bodies is garbage, garbage, garbage. One and a half stars.


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