58th Chicago International Film Festival: Sick Review

This is a slasher film that is one-of-a-kind. The premise is creative and chilling. The Covid-19 lockdown sets the location of where the horror happens. The concept of being forced to quarantine makes its characters assume that they are safe in isolation. The horror though is waiting. As the Covid-19 getaway is in action, the horrific slashing begins. Sick is a ride of terror that is wild and relatable. It will only get more violent and daring, as it progresses.

In Sick, the film takes place at a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere. Three friends choose to quarantine together. They are Parker (played by Gideon Adlon), Miri (played by Bethlehem Million), and DJ (played by Dylan Strawberry). They all assume they can have an escape at Parker’s vacation home as the lockdown is in place. Their fun though, is interrupted as masked killers start to invade the home. In an instance there is wild knife action, lots of running and jumping through windows for survival, and no place to go in the middle of nowhere. Sick makes it audience curious how the three friends can defend themselves from the bad guys, when they are many miles away from a town. It is gutsy and engrossing in all the fun and terrorizing aspects. One believes there is no danger as they state, “Impossible, its Saturday the 4th,” but the danger is highly likely.

Parker, Miri, and DJ are the prey. Sick creates many questions throughout the film’s suspense. What do the killers want? Why are Parker Miri, and DJ the target? How can lockdown impact their safety? Sick has all the answers to those questions, and they are twisted and even more disturbing. It is purely a treacherous track that cannot be escaped that easily.

With little options to escape, Sick is full of surprises of the many violence in the weaponry used. Much of which involves knives, a dear antler, and more. In the moments of combat, the wounds become severe, and the concept of self-defense becomes weak. The killers in Sick are pros, but Parker, Miri, and DJ have the adrenaline to fight for their lives. The question though is if they will make it out alive.

The biggest twist to sick is that the subject of COVID-19 is the reason for why Parker, Miri, and DJ are the targets. The film has its answers to why they are being hunted. One of which is responsible for why the horror is happening. That is what had me in surprise. The fact that a sickness as contagious as COVID-19 leads to the harsh choices of the killers. Sick will entice its audience with shocking reminders of everything learned from lockdown and COVID-19. It is just blended with a fictional and creepy setup.

The reminders of Covid-19 past and present mixed with horror is what will enthrall the audience with Sick. The fact that consequences are unavoidable, and because of how the mindsets of others have been impacted. The mindsets of the killers though go on a whole different level of anger. Find out for yourself with Sick. Three stars.


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