58th Chicago International Film Festival: Piaffe Review

Piaffe opens with cutting frames, projection tools, and the tools to make audio for a production. This introduction is an invigorating one, especially for me since I have worked in cinemas. I have seen the transition of projection technologies over the years. Piaffe blends the elements of filmmaking and foley artist work to serious levels. As its main character pushes herself (as a foley artist), her own body has strange transformations. Piaffe knows no limits as the transformations gets more graphic.

The odyssey in Piaffe is just the beginning of the weirdness that surrounds the film. The film is surrounded with pressure, disconnect, sex, night clubs, and creating art. Piaffe is like an imagination on acid. The disturbing content is unexplained. The film is visually bothersome.

In Piaffe, the film focuses on Eva, and she is played by Simone Bucio. Eva’s sibling Zara (played by Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau) bails on an assignment. Eva takes Zara’s job as a foley artist. Eva pushes herself to the limits. She collaborates sounds ranging from clicks, sand noises, and horse noises to the best of her ability. As Eva thrives for success, a horsetail grows out of her body. With Eva’s strange feelings, she becomes more submissive. She starts to want deeper connection. Eva’s feelings and choices are all over the place. As Eva goes deeper into figuring out what she desires, Piaffe becomes bizarre.

Piaffe is a clever film, but it its too much to handle. The foley artist task is where the film had my attention. When Eva goes crazy is where I started to get overwhelmed. Piaffe takes a creative aspect and spoils it with eroticism. Eva’s tail is the center of the bizarre activities she takes part in. Piaffe starts out with having nostalgic fun of cinematic traits but is over-ruled with weird sexual scenarios.

Piaffe is not one that to be watched on a full stomach. The film is repulsive as Eva goes deeper with her transformations. Piaffe is one to watch with an open mind. I found the film to be much for me.

I had faith in Piaffe. That is because of being a cinema enthusiast and loving the opening introductions of cutting films and reels. My captivation was there with the foley artist fun. However, when Eva realized that she has a tail, my attention was deteriorated. Went from being invigorative and involving to overwhelming sexual horror. Two stars for Piaffe.


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