She Said Review

People now know that Harvey Weinstein is an incredibly terrible and lecherous person. She Said is the story of how this rat was cornered, launching the #MeToo movement.

She Said focuses on two New York Times reporters, Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor (played by Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan). In 2017 they are investigating a case of sexual harassment by Weinstein that was being dismissed. They dig deep through the trail of celebrities that Weinstein worked with, many of whom said that Weinstein would punish them if they spoke up, or get them awards for complying with his sexual advances. Sadly, because they knew Weinstein was protected, many of them threw away their careers,. This motivates Twohey and Kantor to put together the pieces. Why was Weinstein allowed to keep his criminal behavior hidden? Why did his employers cover for him when they knew he was doing what was wrong? Why did no one take the chance to speak up for their own safety? The questions, accusations, and the paper trail are monstrous. But Twohey and Kantor are heroic for helping the victims find a voice.

I remember the harrowing news of the many allegations of sexual harassment cases starting in 2017. I remember friends, colleagues, and acquaintances resigning from their jobs because they or their superiors were facing charges for sexual harassment. I remember male celebrities getting scorched in the press, one by one, for their terrible behavior. She Said helps us understand why so many made the tough choice to resign or keep quiet, instead of fighting back.

The details of Twohey and Kantor’s interviews are disturbing. I could feel the stress rising in me as the graphic details were exposed. She Said digs deep into why there were so many barriers helping Weinstein avoid the inevitable. As more victims are interviewed, the heavier the true story gets. I found myself praying that the victims would speak up, and being provoked to anxiety hoping that the press would take a stand against Weinstein. With Weinstein’s schemes and dangerous activities, She Saidpaints an extreme picture of how much people suffer when they are taken advantage of.

Although we thought we knew how bad Harvey Weinstein was, She Said will change the way the world views him. Its deep investigation boils the plot. The film’s message is to not be afraid to take a stand, and that no one should receive the kind of treatment that Weinstein’s victims endure. She Said is disturbing because it’s based on a true story, it’s recent, and much of the terrible behavior that Twohey and Kantor unveil still happens today. She Said will have its audience, as I was, praying for redemption for the women who suffer from the unforgivable behavior of these men. Three and a half stars for She Said.

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