Whitney Houston: I wanna Dance with Somebody Review

Naomie Ackie is the right actress to portray Whitney Houston. Her performance soars in Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody. Ackie has the voice, the looks, and the personality. She is ferocious and poised for success. Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody is an honest,compelling true story which shows how the stakes for becoming successful are high and the personal risks of fame can often be overwhelming. The tensions created on Whitney’s rise to the top are exposed throughout the film.

The movie is brilliantly displayed in chronological order of thecharacters in Whitney’s life. They include her parents John and Cissy Houston (played by Clarke Peters and Tamara Tunie). There is also Clive Davis (played by Stanley Tucci) and Bobby Brown (played by Ashton Sanders). John and Clive play the marketing and sales roles in promoting Whitney’s incredibletalent. Bobby, unfortunately, adds much of the damage to Whitney’s life. While Whitney reaps the rewards of her music and royalties, her careless behavior also leads to many irreparable consequences. The question is whether she can hold it all together by finding a way out the complicated stressors in her life.

The film begins with an early focus on Whitney and jumps right into her singing career. Fans will enjoy revisiting her true moments of fame, including when she sang at the Super Bowl, her successful movies, and concert tours. Her music, however, is when she displays the struggles in her life and creates moments of despair as well as inspiration. Whitney experienced fame, abuse, and neglect. The performance by Ackie is outstanding as she portrays the real Whitney regaining her faith. Clive helps her achieve renewed success as he builds a track record of contracts and associated fame.

What captivated me the most during the film was the working relationship between Whitney and Clive. Tucci delivers a performance that is encouraging and motivating. He helps Whitney find her voice and the meaning in her music. He also helps her to establish the public image that will help her sellrecords. Whitney’s life of turmoil is saturated in the film and Tucci’s performance provides the guide to Whitney’s redemption. The film has many sad scenarios, but it is powerful in finding hope for Whitney.

Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody was an experience of lightness and darkness surrounding the many stages of Whitney’s life. It displays an emphasis on reality and shows that money and fame do not buy someone happiness. The spiraling conflicts caused by her financial success sets off awhirlwind of mental stressors eventually causing the light to hit a sad plateau.

The film showcases many memorable songs, a history of Whitney’s accomplishments, and also various personality clashes. Despite the realistic and sad issues, Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody is a stellar movie of musical appreciation. It will turn tears into joy and appreciation. Three and a half stars.


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