M3GAN review

Artificial intelligence comes with a vengeance in M3gan. This film shows that a robot with a mind of its own can do serious damage. M3gan will have its audiences questioning how artificial intelligence will turn out in the coming years. The film also shows that young people using technology as a coping mechanisms can be a disaster for young minds. The film mentions the concept of “attachment theory”, and that theory is only the beginning of the terror the robot in the film brings.

The main character in M3gan is Gemma, played by Allison Williams. She builds new and advanced technologies in very expensive toys. She becomes the legal guardian of her niece Cady, played by Violet McGraw, after Cady loses her parents in a car crash. Gemma creates a robot, M3gan, voiced by Amie Donald and Jenna Davis, to help Cady with her grief and sadness. Cady falls in love with M3gan, but after a few days the robot starts showing some disturbing signs. M3gan is not the cheerful and sweet robot that they believe her to be.

M3gan’s artificial intelligence brings a spiral of suspense, and the robot becomes an unstoppable freak of explosive behavior. Gemma and Cady have little time to put an end to the dangers of M3gan, and the film just gets more and more suspenseful. M3gan will dazzle its audience with the action sequences, which are vast and unexpected.

Although M3gan’s evilness is insane, it is also fun. There are twists and unexpected humor that comes with the damage. M3gan raises the question whether artificial intelligence really can be this dangerous and destructive, and the film will cause audiences to think more carefully about the future of artificial intelligence. Will I want to own a robot many years down the line? Probably not. But this robot will enthrall its audiences with its never-ending rollercoaster of destruction. Three stars for M3gan.

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