Plane Review

In Plane, Gerard Butler plays his typical tough guy with a macho attitude role, ready to take on any dangers. And he does shine at times in the film. But overall the film is a mess. It felt like a couple of episodes of the TV series Lost, mixed with the film Flight of the Phoenix (2004). Not my idea of an entertaining cinematic experience.

The plot of this below average action flick has Butler playing Brodie Torrance, the pilot of a passenger plane. His co-pilot is Dele, played by Yoson An. When their plane hits turbulence due to torrential weather they have to make an emergency landing, but they land on an island inhabited by warriors. The crew and passengers are in danger but one passenger, Louis Gaspare, played by Mike Colter, knows how to fight and survive. Louis is a criminal, but he just may become the hero.

Plane is much like other films starring Gerald Butler where there is peril, and he has to get people to safety. I was thinking back to some of his previous films such as Geostorm (2017) and Greenland(2020). Again, same theme as Plane—Butler protecting others and getting them to safety. Butler is generally excellent in these types of roles, and Plane does crank up the violence a notch, but the script is rushed and off balance, and it seems to go in circles. So as I’ve mentioned, my viewing experience with Plane was not rewarding.

One of the problems with Plane is that it starts with a mediocre foundation and goes right into danger zone moments, so the suspense factor was just not there. The shooting scenes were somewhat invigorating, as was the plane crash sequence. But where is the film going? Down a rabbit hole of a poor cinema, in my opinion.

Is Plane a captivating title? Maybe. Is the plot at least is attention-grabbing? Yes. Is the film entertaining? Not really. Will Plane feel the same as other Butler action thrillers? Yes, it will feel the same, because the truth is that it is the same as his previous projects. I really did try to remain positive with this review, but I couldn’t. I just found the film shallow and boring. Just two stars for Plane.


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