Titanic 25 Year Anniversary Review (Revisited in IMAX 3D)

“The magic doesn’t come from within the director’s mind, it comes from within the heart of the actors.”

-James Cameron

These words from Cameron hold true due to his magnificent directing from his current success with Avatar: The Way of Water which was many years in the making to his anniversary re-release of Titanic. I had the privilege of revisiting Titanic in the IMAX 3D format at Seven Bridges IMAX in Woodridge, Illinois. I have seen Titanic two previous times on the big screen, but this new and immersive experience made me feel like I was watching Titanic for the first time. The backstory of the archives, the many journeys below the deep, and the magnificent technology utilized will take your Titanic experience to a new level.

I remember seeing a documentary, Ghosts of the Abyss, in IMAX 3D directed by James Cameron, which enlightened me on the main Titanic film. Those were the days when IMAX was not big with blockbusters yet, but now big studios use IMAX all the time. Cameron, however, really knows how to bring his previous projects back with a sense of excitement as he does this time with Titanic.

The mind of Cameron is one that surpasses many directors because he always links his works to his previous projects. He takes the time to think about how his audience will appreciate his films years later. Above all, he spaces out the time frames of when it is the right time for his projects to be launched. Cameron consistently rewrites until his films are on-point. That is because he wants his characterizations, plot, and concepts to all have meaning. In all his projects they truly do. With Titanic back in 3D, 4K formats, and IMAX 3D, his emphasis on cinematic brilliance shows.

The experience of Titanic in IMAX 3D is one-of-a-kind. The image is the sharpest ever, the technological aspects beyond wonderful which make fans feel they are face-to-face with the monumental performances of Kate Winslet (as Rose) and Leonardo DiCaprio (as Jack). Find your local IMAX location, get your tickets, and experience Titanic like never before. It is rewarding to experience Titanic in this format for fans who are in love with the movie as well as those experiencing it for the first time.

To recap the plot, Titanic is based on the true story of the Titanic, a ship that sank after hitting an iceberg in 1912, resulting in over 1500 lost lives. Bill Paxton plays Brock Lovett, an oceanographer who is researching the shipwreck when a drawing of Rose is discovered. An aging Rose (played by Gloria Stuart) is brought in for discussion and she elaborates her story of being a passenger on Titanic.  Above all, her beloved memory is falling in love with Jack (DiCaprio). Rose’s story is the film’s backstory and creates one of the most wonderful and engrossing stories I have seen on film in my life. All my experiences with Titanic have been unforgettable and I’ve cried each time.

Experiencing Titanic in IMAX is incredible and goes far beyond watching as the ship is destroyed. The scenes with Jack and Rose will dazzle audiences in IMAX, especially the famous scene when Jack asks Rose to have her hand so he can hold her up at the front of the ship to make her feel like she is flying. This moment is one of the most vivid and exhilarating in the IMAX experience of Titanic and left me breathless.

Titanic has lived with me. It has been a monumental cinematic example in my life and has fueled my passion for movies. It has always inspired me to take what I love in movies and explain my fascination in my own voice. Titanic is completely rewarding because of the depth of characterization, its technological effects, the skillful writing, and the outstanding directing by Cameron.

For those who are considering this experience, it is not to be missed. Seeing Titanic again is simply awesome and seeing it in IMAX is vivid and dazzling. Join the journey and get back in Titanic mode to celebrate this film’s 25-year anniversary. Four stars.


One thought on “Titanic 25 Year Anniversary Review (Revisited in IMAX 3D)”

  1. Nice to read (and share) your review of this classic. It always pains me (and it’s an insult) to see lazy reviewers describe this epic as a ‘chick flick’ (as if that in itself is somehow bad): I’m not a 13-year-old girl, and it moved/moves/will move me, as it did almost everyone I know who saw it (a wide range of pretty smart adults). All three major ‘Titanic’ pictures hold their own spell. When I was a kid, seeing 1953’s version was a milestone. Then “A Night To Remember”, and finally this blockbuster. Enjoying your blog…Cheers, Mark

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