Of an Age Review

Feelings of love and connection can be realized at first sight. Of an Age is a film of acceptance that examines the stressors caused by feelings of attraction. The film’s setup of two men falling for each other raises many questions. Although the bond between the two men is strong, the reality is they may be viewed differently due to the family backgrounds they come from.

Of an Age takes place in 1999 in Australia. Kol (played by Elias Anton) is a boy from Serbia and is a ballroom dancer. He starts to fall for Adam (played by Thom Green), the brother of one of Kol’s friends. As they go on a car ride together, they realize they are emotionally connected and captivate each other. Kol and Adam fall in love, but they question how life would be if they share with the world that they are in love with each other. The film jumps to 2010, and many things have changed between the two lovers. Kol is struggling and Adam is doing alright. But should they accept the reality of keeping their relationship a secret?

The bond between Kol and Adam is where the emotions lie in Of an Age. Adam can accept his love for Kol being kept a secret, but Kol cannot. Adam finds himself more accomplished career-wise, and Kol is facing hardships with his career. Of an Agemakes it clear that one can handle responsibility in life more cautiously, where another is more likely to hit plateaus. The film paints a picture of what the considerations are for the couple moving forward. For Kol, however, getting on a positive track is harder than it is for Adam.

As the emotional questioning of the ties between Kol and Adam tends to linger, there are sad moments that focus on Adam’s life. Adam does not get the support he deserves for being honest about his sexuality with his family. As I mentioned above, the stressors caused by feelings of attraction cause major anxiety for Adam, but also the audience. Kol expresses his emotions, but Adam hides his and never opens up as much. With all the emotional setbacks for Kol, there is an important message to remember from Of an Age. It is, in fact, a reminder to people that they matter. Adam can do this better than Kol. Of an Ageportrays the struggle for Kol to learn to love himself.

The matter of Kol and Adam accepting themselves is a two-way street in Of an Age. Adam is more accomplished, and Kol has many different problems in his life. Their struggles, however, do not diminish their love for each other. The power of love and friendship in Of an Age is displayed in a poetic fashion. The film makes clear that there is light for the two. The light may not be what either of them want, but, both Kol and Adam will be alright.

I believe everyone should see Of an Age. This is a film where acceptance and love took my cinematic journey in a new direction. It is authentic in its approach towards how hard love can be. It also is a film that has an artistic narrative which proves that those in love can find what is right. Truly, it is a movie where I felt hopeful that Kol and Adam would find a way to make their situation right. Four stars for Of An Age.


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