65 Review

The meaning of 65 is “65 million years ago and is intended to be an attention-grabbing fact. The movie is a blur of sci-fi fascination with technological captivation. It also has a lost planet vibe where there are endless surprises. The world in 65’s futuristic setting may be appealing, but I was not very impressed. A better way to describe 65 would be to say it is like the world of a video game merged with a film. The video game is along the lines of Halo, and the movie a bit like Jurassic Park. Two factors that may sound interesting to correlate, unfortunately fail to deliver.

There is not much of an intriguing plot while the film progresses from one catastrophe to the next. To help provide a better understanding, 65 starts with a ship crashing on an unknown planet. The captain is Mills, played by Adam Driver. All his passengers are gone, his ship has malfunctioned, and he has one survivor. The survivor is Koa, played by Ariana Greenblatt. Koa is Mills new mission. She is his responsibility to get to safety and to help her find her way home from this unknown planet which is full of dinosaurs and all kinds of strange scientific stuff. 65’s scenery is amazing, but it is like a video game. The movie adaptation has a very poor setup to its premise.

Much of the action in 65 just keeps happening without any explanation. It also seems like it borrows elements from other sci-fi classics.  For example, the ship in the film looks like the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek, and the world looks like the video game Metroid Prime.  The film is poorly written.  If the movie were to be more interesting, it should have created more questions for its audience. Is there more to the crash on the planet? Is there a reason why the planet is extinct? Are there resources on the planet for survival? 65 is a ride of rushed boredom that does not focus on factors that could entertain its audience.

There are a few points in the film when I did find the dangers on the planet enjoyable because they were visually stunning. Otherwise, 65 does not do much justice as a sci-fi adventure because it is not adventurous. It is a film that feels like a rip-off TV series that did not sell me at all. In fact, most video games based upon movies usually do not turn out that great either. In addition to 65 being nothing original, its technicalities, its characterizations, and its writing are all glitchy and cheesy. Watching it requires the attention-span of watching paint dry.  My experience with this film equates to watching a video game I was bored of playing.

Is 65 terrible? No, it is mediocre. Is it visually excellent? Very much so. Are there hidden treasures of sci-fi excitement? Not really. How many stars does it deserve? I would rate with only two stars because it lacks in many qualities.


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