Renfield Review

Vampire films have always appealed to me. Over the years, I have enjoyed lilms ranging from Count Dracula (1970) to Dracula (1992) to 30 Days of Night (2007). Renfield is another vampire movie that I found joy in. The film has a certain strong vibe surrounding the subject of vampires. It does focus at times on the fictional theories about vampires, including scenarios regarding how daylight is harmful to them. Renfield is a thrill ride of terror and comedy that is filled with fantasy galore. Nicholas Hoult has played creatures in a few projects previously. He played one in X-Men: First Class (2011) and again in Warm Bodies (2013). Despite his nice-guy persona and friendly characteristics he plays roles of monsters faithfully. Nicholas Cage is an expert at portraying all sorts of tycoons, and in Renfield he is one who is bonkers. Directed by Chris McKay, Renfield is ominous because of its many horrific and entertaining surprises.

In Renfield, Hoult is Renfield. He is the sidekick to Dracula (Cage). He has served as a servant for many generations with Dracula. He decides to pursue a life outside of the harrowing slave life.  He makes his way to New Orleans to have a fresh start and try to feel like a human being. This goes quickly awry. He joins a group for emotional support to help him feel normal, and he also befriends a police officer named Rebecca played by Awkwafina.  A change of scenery and new beginning is what Renfield has hoped for. Dracula, however, finds his way to Renfield to continue to make him suffer. With many issues impacting the environment which Renfield is not accustomed to, getting away from Dracula is not as easy as he anticipated.

With Renfield being an individual who is a vampire searching for normalcy, the film is a wild ride of madness. Expect lots of comical as well as terrifying moments and many slasher thrills. It may appear to be graphic, but it involves laughter in its craziness. Renfield is a horror ride that is witty and constructive. It continues its horrific vibes and mixes it for joyful excitement.

This invigorating film is truly one-of-a-kind. There are not many vampire films on the same level of comedy as Renfield. With Hoult and Cage as the leads, it is the perfect duo for unexpected shockers. Renfield may get gruesome, but it is hysterical and fictional not repulsive. The movie hits all the right points and will cause audiences to laugh their heads off like I did.

Surrealism combined with reality is where Renfield is quite thought-provoking. It is the algorithm to achieve the enthralling aspects of a successful vampire film. When Renfield desperately says, “I need to get out of a toxic relationship,” the audience knows they are in for a treat that is likely to deliver more than they expect to handle. How dangerous is the situation for Renfield? How dangerous is Dracula? With Cage playing Dracula, there are lots of surprises that exceed expectations.

Cage and Hoult played father and son in The Weatherman (2005). Their new relationship is slave and master in Renfield. To this day their relationship leads to all kinds of extravagant adventures. Those “adventures” reach new heights in Renfield. Three stars.


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