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The Unknown Country Review

As The Unknown Country opens, the audience will feel its eerie vibe blended with vast lighting of majestic cinematography. It delivers the feeling that its main character is looking for resolution. The film also displays thriving moments of optimism. The Unknown Country is a portrait of illumination and the emotions throughout the movie dazzled me. There is a light to be found in The Unknown Country which makes its audience feel that it is imminent.

The Unknown Country gears on Tana (played by Lily Gladstone). She is depressed and trying to find positive redemption. Tana is on a journey to rejoin her family, so she drives from the Midwest and goes through the border of Texas to Mexico. Her journey is a harsh and tiring adventure. As she travels through the different towns and states, she passes through moments of real-life events ranging from the post-2016 election social climate to places that struggle with challenging economic impacts. Many of the people she visits are in turmoil due to scarce resources. Her realization is that she is not alone in feeling disconnected, but she appreciates the mountains and the landscape around her are positives in life. The many landscapes invigorate her mind and open her up for more change.

The Unknown Country is one of the best films about a fictional story because of how fiction is blended with true historical events. These real-life situations made me think back to the days of 2016. The film helped me realize that during hard times we need to learn to embrace the little things that make us feel alive. In The Unknown Country Tana gets better as her journey continues. As she learns from her own narrations, the audience will feel a sense of encouragement regarding a new life for Tana.

The trail for Tana is long and challenging. Her loneliness is on and off, but as she experiences new faces and places, the narrative continues to be compelling. It is a film that reminds us that sometimes escaping to new worlds of reality can have meaning and improve empathy. Audiences will feel Tana’s heartache and they will have faith in her. The turmoil is just the beginning for Tana, but it is not forever. The Unknown Country portrays a meaningful ride.

Finding the light in hard times can cause mixed emotions. It creates anxiety and can cause us to overthink our own errors. While it is painful to think about persona failures, it is important to remind ourselves that making mistakes is natural. Learning from mistakes is most important.  The Unknown Country is a representation of Tana starting fresh on her road to reconnecting with her estranged family. It is not so much about focusing on her family, it is focused on the positive vibes that slowly come her way on her road trip. I absolutely loved the scenery, and I loved the writing. It is a story that is unlike any other. Four stars for The Unknown Country.