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RRR Review…It Must be Seen on the Big Screen!

“No one can ever create art, even on a piece of paper, as they have envisioned it in their mind.”

-S.S. Rajamouli

These words from RRR’s director S.S. Rajamouli hold true. He is an artist of pure excitement who visually brings his audience on an adventure that will forever change their movie experience.  I first saw RRR back in April of last year and was blown away, but did not think it would get the amount of recognition it deserves. I was wrong as the film has received more attention than I expected.

I have five words for the RRR experience…It is Naatu, Naatu Time! One of the best parts of RRR is the song Naatu, Naatu. The song adds to the film’s glory. RRR is nominated for Best Music (Original Song). Despite some frustration with not being nominated in many Academy Award categories, RRR is the first Indian film to make over $100 million worldwide since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The film soars with brilliance, and famous directors including Edgar Wright, James Cameron, and others have praised the movie. RRR means Rise, Roar, and Revolt.  I believe the film truly rises above and beyond and roars with unforgettable excitement. RRR is what going to the movies is all about.

The vivid excellence in RRR stands out due to its choreography, structure, and a storyline that is a wild circus of visual thrills. I could not turn away from RRR because it is a masterpiece which is difficult to compare to other films. The very existence of RRR is monumental which motivates me to start getting into more films in the Hindi language. International movies can make a difference, and so can international directors. Rajamouli’s directing of RRR will truly inspire cinema enthusiasts.

The plot of RRR has a riveting premise set in the 1920s era. It is about two revolutionaries on a journey far away from home before the fight for their country. The first revolutionary is Allur Sitarama Raju played by Ram Charan. The second revolutionary is named Komaran Bheem played by N.T. Rama Rao Jr. The British governor is Scott Buxton played by Ray Stevenson. The British government sets out an assignment to track down Bheem because it is believed he is a dangerous obstacle for the British army. The Indian cop hired to take the matters into his own hands is Rama played by Ajay Devgn. He believes this will be his task to receive greater appreciation from the British army. The two revolutionaries have an encounter at a destruction site. They both realize they are at war with their countries, and they have each other’s backs. Their friendship is what causes RRR to be a spectacular and explosive adventure that will blow its audience out of the water. The concept of men fighting for their country is taken to dynamic level and much international excitement results in RRR. It is explosive and the enthralling wonders are endless.

Each factor in RRR symbolizes brilliance in cinema. The mind of Rajamouli is creative and intriguing. His scenes with action, connection, and conflict all have deep meaning. There are moments of political tides taking different directions. With Rajamouli starting the film with different introductions about the settings, Rajamouli knows how to make RRR feel in-depth for his audience. Its cinematic world is spot-on, breathtaking, and one of many adrenaline rushes.

RRR revolutionizes the way the world will experience movies. This film is a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable and mesmerizing adventure. The friendship, the politics, and the music are all breathtaking. RRR is one of the best films out there. It is not worth the experience on Netflix, it must be seen on the big screen. Four stars.