Prisoners Review


Prisoners is a suspense masterpiece that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal go overboard with their roles. I have never seen Jackman nor Gyllenhaal play intense roles so well. Prisoners is skeptical, haunting, chilling, you will be asking for more.

Prisoners focuses on a father named Keller Dover (Jackman) a man that takes his family to a neighbors house for a Thanksgiving Dinner. After the feast is finished the children scatter and do their own thing while the grown-ups socialize. Hours later Dover’s daughter goes missing and there is only one clue to her missing. The stranded RV, since Dover’s daughter wanted to play on the RV, but was denied by her brother. That is introduced to Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal), a detective assigned to the case. Also we are introduced to the main victim Alex (played by Paul Dano): a man with an IQ of a ten year old but may have something to do with Dover’s daughter. However, with very little evidence and Loki’s trouble of understanding the situation, Dover chooses to put risks into his own hands.

Prisoners honestly is paced just the way it should be. The film literally grasps every key moment to the missing of Dover’s daughter. The people being listed, the search parties, and the forces between Dover and Loki is just engrossing. The film had the message listed “Every Moment Matters.” In that case the movie felt like the whole attention span on it mattered the most.

Prisoners is fairly disturbing on one hand. The fact that Alex gets kidnapped by Dover and punished for answers. At moments (I am not giving away details) but the scenes were quite disturbing where at times I felt I could not handle it.

Overall, Prisoners is one of the best thrillers of 2013. It left me in shock by the ending, but also amazed by how my mind was blown away. It is a two hour and thirty-two minute film. It just feels like ninety when you get into it. Four stars.


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