The secret life of Walter Mitty Review

Brilliant, colorful, spellbinding,-a film that is wonderful in so many ways. That is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Ben Stiller directs and stars in this mind-blowing film. It will leave you thinking at one moment and being amazed the next. Sean Penn also is the supporting actor. Both Stiller and Penn are Phenomenal.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty focuses on a man named Walter Mitty: nerdy, quirky, lonely, and main character (Stiller). Mitty works for Life Magazine putting images together. However he is assigned to do a photo assignment for a man named Sean O’Connel (Penn). O’Connel is an adventurist doing photography in the Himalayas. Mitty struggles to find a picture in a timeline for O’Connel. Therefore, he goes on a crazy journey to find the picture.

This movie had good lighting. Most of the film seemed to have mostly blue. At times I felt the blue color was overdone, however I think it fit the film in the end. Not because the Himalayas has a bunch of blue in the background, but it helps define the spirit of the film.

Also Stiller is a laid actor in most of the films he has done, including this one. In this film, his character is a man who zones out. When that happens he imagines explosions like it is actually happening. That concept may have been over exaggerated, but it got me going for hoping for more suspense. That happens many times to the point where Stiller’s character actually faces reality.

Walter Mitty is carefully paced, it just requires attention. May seem boring for some people, but it is a classic. Just requires some attention and understanding. I walked in the theatre not expecting much, and walked out being blown away. Three and a half stars.


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