Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom Review by Tarek Fayoumi




Won best original song award- motion picture( Ordinary Love)
A film where Idris Elba, gives an award-winng performance, but focuses more on the violent life than the biography side of Nelson Mandela. Mandela: Long walk To Freedom is a film that I expected to honor Mandela after his passing. I guess the movie was already finished before his death. Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, has its moments where the film seems amazing, but really there is nothing happy about this movie. It is just disturbing and depressing through most of the film.

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom gears on the legendary South African President Nelson Mandela (Elba). He is a fearless man and cares about freedom and does not care about going over the limits until everyone is treated equally. His protest movements, his gangs, and his enemies keep expanding. His wife, Winnie Madikizela (played by Naomie Harris) supports him entirely in what his strategies are to gain freedom. This is all setup around chaos, not very much background on Mandela, which I would have rather watched than people getting shot and places burning down.

Mandela serves prison time for leading a sabotage campaign against the apartheid government. He is sentenced to life in prison but continues to provoke the government. His words, his requests, and his attitude sum him up to be a man of his word until he gets what he wants. Even if what he wants requires his life.

I am not saying this movie was good or bad, it was just average. I am into films about real people. The film’s violence is more centered making it look like Mandela wanting nothing but violence which makes Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom seem like a film to skip and watch a documentary on National Geographic instead.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed, it had good moments but for now two stars. Its honestly a hit or miss.

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