Her Review by Tarek Fayoumi


Her is charming film that is fairly enthralling. Spike Jonze writes and directs this film taking place in a futuristic setting with technology advanced to the extreme. The movie stars Joaquine Phoenix (as Theodore), and Scarlett Johansson (as the social operating system named Samantha).  Even though the film is getting a variety of great reviews, it really involves people’s full-on attention to understand the message.

Her gears on the main character Theodore. He is a man who is alone and has many struggles. He is going through a divorce, feels he does not have many friends, and is just in need of fun. Her spends a generous amount of the movie on technology that is way advanced than the technology we have in today’s generation. Everything voice-activated and whatever is done on the computer is done automatically by voice. Meet Samantha: supporting, heartfelt, and Theodore’s operating system. Samantha gets to know Theodore in an instant through advanced background checks and realizations of how Theodore lives his life. Theodore loves Samantha but faces social issues. He loves Samantha, is going through a divorce, and is just not sure of who he would rather be with in his life.

This movie was one I enjoyed but I did not see it as amazing. I enjoyed the scenery, the funny moments, but just I could not understand what the movie was trying to say entirely. It just makes me wonder to myself one question. How much more advanced does our technology get? Overall, it was an enjoyment to see how a man becomes so attached to his operating system.

This movie is not one to be missed. However, just it is one of those films to go with an open-mind. Three and a half stars.


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