Inside Llewyn Davis Review By Tarek Fayoumi

I have not always been into folk music, but when I saw Inside Llewyn Davis I was captivated by the folk music played in the film. The Coen brothers Joel and Ethan Coen direct this cinematic tail that had a limited release in early december. As of now though it is starting to expand nationwide due to its oscar buzz. I would hate to see that this film is not playing in many locations. Considering the fact that The Coen brothers had a lot of successful films ranging from Fargo, No Country For Old Men, O Brother Where Art Thou, and many more. 

Inside Llewyn Davis follows the tail of a folk singer Llewyn Davis (played by Oscar Isaac), a folk singer that is struggling to make business with his music as well as have a fit relationship with the one girl he loves who name is Jean (Carey Mulligan). Throughout Llewyn’s journey to find where he can play music, he has a bunch of issues. cannot pay rent, carries a cat, a guitar, and always is living on the streets traveling the the Greenwich Village.

Llewyn is keeping his goal to be back in the business of being a professional folk singer. What makes this film as captivating as it is, is how Llewyn is always frequently trying to find business in music. He honestly does not really put much effort into it because of his suffrage with being poor, but he does have talent. His guitar-playing and his vocal performance is top-notch, but his record deals are not so dazzling.

Inside Llewyn Davis was charming to me. I am one of the most frequent music listeners to random music stations as I drive in my car. Sometimes a folk song comes on the radio and grabs my attention. Normally though, I skip that station. As I heard the song Hey Mr Kennedy, I felt like tuning to the station where the folk music is playing in hopes of finding that song or something similar to it. Inside Llewyn Davis’s music makes you want to be in the moment of the music that is being played in the film.

In the Oscars, I hope Cohen brothers win another award for best music like they did with the film O Brother Where Art Thou back in the year 2000. With their song I am a man of Constant Sorrow. That song was one that I listened too consistently and I still do today. Inside Llewyn Davis has a bunch of songs that are oscar-worthy. However I will not say which ones, because I do not want to ruin the film for people who plan to see it.

This film was honestly a good movie, a solid three and a half star film. It is not to be missed. For you Coen Brothers fans out there, this is a must-see.





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